Psychology (B.A., B.S.)

As psychology majors, many of us are often the subject to the same questions and stereotypes, as one can imagine. Shockingly enough, some are true, but some are a tad bit extreme. A lot of us find ourselves analyzing people during daily conversations. An extreme assumption is that psychology majors are “mind readers,” which would be pretty cool, but is unfortunately not possible. However, a lot of us are pretty perceptive and might succumb to your stereotypes! Most likely. You are pretty much screwed, especially if we are dating or are close friends. You never know, I could be using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to assess if you’ve reached self-actualization yet! No, people with mental illnesses are not crazy, and not every psychology major ends up working with people who have mental illnesses!

Business and Psychology Joint Major

Overview of the Organizations. Membership in UPO is open to everyone. Psi Chi is the psychology honor society open to psychology majors and minors who meet specific academic criteria. We put out a call for Psi Chi membership applications each semester typically in October and February. Meetings of the two organizations are open to anyone regardless of whether you are a member of either organization, but membership in each organization conveys additional benefits so we encourage you to officially join one or both groups.

The honours program builds on an Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (​APAC)-accredited undergraduate psychology degree and provides an.

The field of psychology is one that offers many areas of professional specialization within the health care sector. Thus, making the decision to work in psychology requires deep investigation and what you do is determined by which specialty chosen. Psychology-related professionals play many important roles within the healthcare sector. According to the American Psychological Association, psychologists can help bridge the gap between the patient or client and the facility, company or organization, helping to ensure quality care and best practices are provided.

Psychologists may work in areas beyond analyzing and treating, they may also have a role in primary care or other extended healthcare settings. Psychology is a desirable career path for professionals who want to help others, whether in one-on-one sessions or from within a larger organization. When professionals can align their personal goals and skills with a career in caring for others, the choice to become a psychologist benefits not only the providers, but their future patients and clients as well.

For those wondering how to become a psychologist, the first step is learning about the skills that are necessary for success across all areas of psychology. Psychology careers require being skilled at listening, building interpersonal relationships, solving problems and continuing to learn. Research skills and the ability to embrace diversity are also crucial to most careers within the psychology field. Jobs for psychologists include clinical psychologist, career counselor, substance abuse and mental health counselor, psychiatry technician, and industrial-organizational psychologist, and each has its own specific duties.

Other common jobs include research technician and case manager.

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Students learn to evaluate human behavior by applying Christian principles in a practical setting. With this degree, students have the ability to make a difference in fields such as human services, early childhood development, and many more. This degree program prepares students for advanced training or graduate study in a variety of areas such as professional counseling, marriage and family therapy, education, and school psychology.

Whether you are beginning college for the first time or seeking to finish your degree after taking a break, the flexibility of the Bachelor of Applied Psychology will allow you to earn your degree online, continue working full-time, convert significant life experience into college credit, and develop a Christ-centered ethical framework.

Those who are not approved cannot enroll in these upper division courses until the open enrollment date. Grade Requirements. In addition to normal university.

To view the Summer Academic Calendar go to www. Faculty requirements will be governed by the faculty from which the student chooses to complete a degree. Joint Major applicants should apply to Beedie through the internal transfer process, which is outlined here , in the term in which their 45th unit will be completed, including the eight lower division courses required for admission.

Students will need to complete BUS min C- in their first term in Beedie in order to obtain a waiver for PSYC , which is required for admission to the Psychology portion of the joint major. Students not accepted upon initial application may reapply. Unsuccessful candidates are permitted to appeal. Students who plan a major in psychology should also complete PSYC The Psychology Department strongly recommends that students do not leave any of these required courses to the end of their degree.

If a student is unable to obtain the required grade in PSYC , he or she will not be able to graduate with a major in psychology. To enroll in psychology courses, students are required to meet the prerequisites or special instructions that may be stipulated for each. The listed prerequisites indicate the minimal background expected by instructors.

The Psychology Department reserves one hundred percent of all and division PSYC courses for approved psychology major, minor or honours students.

Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)

Our BSc Psychology will give you the skills needed to pursue exciting career opportunities, ranging from clinical psychology and forensics to government policy and elite sports coaching. Introducing you to key psychological practices, our psychology degree gives you an expert understanding of everything from cognitive and social psychology to biological and developmental psychology. An essential step for qualifying as a psychologist, our course also equips you with a professional skillset that opens up career doors in areas including health, education, forensics, coaching and business.

Even in eventualities where we are unable to be in the laboratory or classroom together, we aim to use virtual tools to help you develop key practical skills. Between the second and third years of study, you’ll be encouraged to undertake an expenses-based year-long work placement.

From working one-on-one with patients to assessing the psychology behind the choice to become a psychologist benefits not only the providers, but their future keep up-to-date with current best practices to ensure their patients receive the.

August 11, Staff Writers. For years, psychology has been one of the most popular choices for undergraduate majors. On the one hand, the chance to study the human brain and what motivates behavior is tempting to the majority of somethings. Fortunately, this list considers both factors. At this point, we sorted the results by net price and chose the 50 least expensive schools. The results are below. The latter trades coursework in abnormal and developmental behavior for classes in personality theory, occupational health, and diversity in the workplace.

Psi Chi and Undergraduate Psychology Organization (UPO)

A clinical psychologist is a psychologist who is an expert in mental health. They have undertaken highly specialised training in the assessment, diagnosis, formulation, and psychological treatment of mental health, behavioural, and emotional disorders across the lifespan. Clinical psychologists are the only psychologists to have this advanced level of education and training in mental health.

Education and training of clinical psychologists takes eight years. Download a flyer with more information.

During my undergraduate degree, we designed and completed our own research project, working with scientists at the forefront of the field. I knew then that I.

For the Fall semester, Psychology Advising will be remote through Teams or phone appointments. Current Psychology students please refer to the Psychology Canvas page for updated Drop-in hours, appointment scheduling, and advising information. Psychology undergraduate students are encourages to meet with their assigned Academic Advisor each semester.

It is highly recommended that all psychology majors meet with an academic advisor to update check sheets and to make sure graduation requirements are being met. No, Psychology does not offer a minor. However, the Psychology department offers a variety of courses available to non-majors, which may be used as elective credits.

If you are currently a Psychology student and would like to learn more about changing your major or adding Psychology as a double major, please attend one of our Psychology Major Information sessions using the button above titled Signup for a Psychology Major Information Session.

Psychology (Experimental)

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say. But the one type of student who will appeal to pretty much everyone when it comes to romantic relationships are psych majors. They are the types who will know when you want to be left alone. They can be some of the most understanding and trustworthy people on Earth.

They Keep Secrets.

Graduates with a three-year undergraduate degree or a degree followed by a Graduate Diploma in Psychology with an APAC accredited psychology major may be eligible for the:. GAM applications will be taken into consideration during the selection process. Please note this assessment can take up to six weeks. This must be uploaded to your online application as soon as possible and no later than Friday 27 November You do not need to provide evidence as part of your application but if you are a successful applicant, your course offer will be conditional on provision of a final official transcript and letter from your university confirming you have completed your degree and that you have completed an APAC accredited psychology major.

Apply by Friday 23 October and once your final results are available, upload your official results transcript to your online application by Friday 27 November to be considered in December or Friday 8 January to be considered in January. Applicants who are completing their studies at the University of Melbourne are not required to submit their final results as these will be obtained internally.

No you do not need to make contact with a prospective supervisor as part of the application process. You should apply for the year you would like to begin the course. If you decline your offer you are welcome to apply again for the following year but as the pool of applicants changes from year to year there is no guarantee you will be offered a place again. Course duration is one year full-time or two years part-time. When the course is undertaken in part-time mode, coursework is completed in the first year and the research components are completed in second year.

Please apply for your preferred study mode.


Career information is not specific to degree level. Some career options may require an advanced degree. For more information, visit EMSI’s data sources page. View a “Four-year Plan” for a Bachelor of Arts in psychology. View a “Four-year Plan” for a Bachelor of Science in psychology. This degree is offered both on campus and online.

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If you do not achieve the typical entry points required, you may want to consider studying this course with foundation year. View with foundation year option View with foundation year option. Our Psychology courses are designed to meet the growing need for effective, skilled and forward-thinking psychologists. This course has research at its heart, empowering you to create new knowledge in the field of Psychology. As the scientific study of human thought and behaviour, psychology is a fascinating subject and opens up diverse career avenues.

With professional recognition from the British Psychological Society, our course is intellectually challenging, giving you a platform to explore the latest debates about the social, developmental, cognitive and biological dimensions of behaviour. This is a research-led degree, which means you’ll be taught by expert staff who are conducting influential studies into the specific areas of psychology you study – examples of their current research topics include mental health and wellbeing, compassion and mindfulness, autism, maths anxiety, nature connectedness, paranormal beliefs, and the psychological aspects of pain, anxiety and addiction.

You’ll also benefit from guest lectures by world-class researchers. The course offers optional modules, allowing you to tailor your degree to a career path or area of interest, such as:. Our courses provide the opportunity to study with a placement year to help you translate theory into practice, and enhance your employability. View Sara Slamkova’s video transcript.

Shit People Tell Psych Majors

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