Allergic to Your S.O.’S Pet? Here Are 3 Tips to Keep You From Sneezing Out the Romantic Flame

Wondering why your date from Friday night is ghosting on you? If you weren’t on board with his furry roommate, that could be the reason. A whopping 66 percent of single pet owners said they wouldn’t date someone who didn’t like pets, according to a recent survey by Match. The two companies surveyed over 1, pet-owning singles to uncover the truth about cats, dogs, and dating. And it turns out, your thoughts on furry friends are pretty damn important when it comes to dating a pet lover. Exhibit A: these male celebs who look even hotter with their pets —not that they needed the help. But what if your date’s cat sends you into a sneezing fit? Well, it’s not like they can hold that against you or at least, they shouldn’t! Tell us: Is it a deal breaker if your date doesn’t like your pet?

Dating with cats: I leaned in to being a cat lady and my boyfriend has become the ultimate cat guy

I am allergic to cats. My boyfriend has two of them in a rather small house. The first time I visited him, after 15 minutes my eyes itched, my nose ran, and I could not stop sneezing. So as my very first romantic gift to him, I gave him a brand-new Hepa vacuum cleaner! It improved the situation a little, but after sitting for an hour on the couch, I had to evacuate.

If you’ve been allergic to cats or dogs (or bunnies or guinea pigs) your can save you from badgering him about ingredients in front of your date. to have a reaction from kissing someone who’s eaten food you’re allergic to.

I know that answering this question will rule me out as a possible mate for 99 percent of women in the world, but that just cuts down the time it will take me to do it myself: I hate dogs. Hate them. It’s like having all the responsibility of raising a child, except instead of becoming a thoughtful adult later in life, they just remain really dumb, needy animals.

Having said that, I could totally date a dog-lover and have , but as far as a future goes, don’t count on it. There isn’t a woman pretty enough — or smart, funny and charming enough — to get me to spend 2 to 3 hours a day walking a dog just so I can pick up its excrement. And yes, I’m well aware that I am the only person in the world who feels this way.

I love animals.

In the dating world, is a pet a deal-breaker?

Adam and I first met six years ago when he was my editor at the school newspaper. S everal years later, we ran into each other at a metal show and fell for each other. N ow, six months into our relationship, we’re inseparable. The problem is, he has a cat, a 2-year-old sweetie named Hunter. I’m so allergic to cats that when Adam’s clothes brush against my skin, I swell up.

Moving in with someone will by definition change your life. I was once in a similar situation. A gal I was dating moved to the city I was living in (and.

You may love dogs, cats, and other furry critters, but their dander may not love you back. Pet allergies can cause a variety of reactions: from congestion and facial pressure to eczema and hives. In this article, we have compiled a list of allergy-friendly pets that would be perfect for your growing home. Animal dander is a common allergen among pet owners , but what is it exactly?

Contrary to a certain belief, animal dander is not the fur or hair of the animal itself, but the microscopic skin cells that flake off when the animal sheds. When these animals clean themselves, their saliva and these proteins coat their skin and fur, and when they shed these proteins coat your house and trigger your allergies.

For example:. The Kerry Blue Terrier and similar dogs tend to shed less dander, which is what holds the proteins that cause allergies. Kerry Blue Terriers are medium sized dogs that were once bred for herding and hunting, but today make for great house pets. These dogs have a wavy coat of black and blue fur. Their fur actually lacks an undercoat which is what prevents them from shedding too much.

Their fur can grow quite long though, so it requires frequent cuts to maintain. These dogs—which can be toy, miniature, and standard sized—have a curly coat, which makes it harder for dander to reach the air. In fact, this dog does not have fur at all.

Must Love Cats – 6 Reasons to Date a Cat Lady

Some forums can only be seen by registered members. I had a prior post from earlier this year, where it was coming to light that I would be getting divorced primarily due to my cat allergies my ex-wife is a veterinarian and huge animal lover. Needless to say, that did happen and I’ve now been divorced for about eight months.

And I am saying this as a woman who is severely allergic to cats and dating a man with two of them. BUT and this is a big BUT, I am surprised at everyone’s.

Each week, Victoria Hannaford answers questions put forth by the general public. Be it questions about love, work, or whether you should get a cat or keep the boyfriend, Victoria is here to help. So get to it, and Ask Victoria. Currently, I have no pets. Unfortunately, my partner of four months is allergic to cats. Should I continue on my original path and get a cat anyway?

Or should I put my cat dreams on hold? Is this where I make a joke about grabbing a pussy and the new world order?

Dating someone with a pet you are allergic to…

Or dogs, or parrots, or a ferret that we co-parent with our ex. The intense pet culture of many queer communities do straight people go on first dates to the dog park? If you have someone over, deal with your pet and maybe close the door if possible so that no one has to have your cat appear and begin batting at a strap-on. I am generally in opposition to feeling any obligation to sleep over, but that is a story for another day. Given that Mary and Alex have since gotten married and gotten pregnant, I feel like her advice is worth paying attention to!

As she explains, for someone Very Into Their Pet which most pet owners are!

These bald cats are also a good choice because they don’t shed any fur or hair, so no allergens from the cat’s saliva are able to spread around.

Edit Your Post. Published by Jeanna Markus on June 1, I have a very short list of preexisting relationship conditions that would keep me from dating someone. So long as you’re not on the run from the law international courts count, btw, addicted to meth, or a terrorist, chances are I’ll probably date you. But if you own a cat, no dice. My dislike for felines is both medical and philosophical. You might think my prejudice towards cats is based solely on my near-debilitating allergy to those whiskered critters.

Just the mere suggestion of dander causes my eyes to crawl out of their sockets, lungs to fill with fur, and a deep, red carpet of curdled flesh to break out all over my body. But no, I also have issues with the species. On a slightly related note, I also don’t find Garfield funny, even if I too hate Mondays and lo-o-ove lasagna. That I am a loud and proud Leo is just one of life’s interesting little ironies.

Ask Alison: When Cats Stand in the Way of Love

The new site update is up! How do I date the bubble-boy? We went on a wonderful first date – no awkwardness, great conversation, lots of chemistry and strong attraction on both sides we even made plans to see each other again before the first date ended.

Jul 25, – I’m in dating someone who is very, very allergic to cats. At first he tried to play it off and simply pop an antihistamine, but it wasn’t cutting it.

My cat, Pookie, can be a bit of a diva. She insists on lounging on the foot of my bed, must be fed at am sharp, and needs constant affection, but only on her terms. Despite her diva tendencies, I love this cat. After spending a few hours at my place, my boyfriend would be sneeze-y, itchy, and even a bit wheezy. The idea of having to pick between Pookie and my boyfriend seemed unfair.

CatTime has a ton of tips on how to keep allergens at bay. But for those of us fortunate enough to be allergy free, taking care of your place for someone who does have allergies can be a big lifestyle change. I felt like a bad cat parent taking it away from her, but nearly every allergist agrees: the bedroom should be as allergen-free as possible. I placed it right under a window in my living room, so she still gets some luxurious sun, and my boyfriend is able to breathe a little easier at night.

For those unwilling to kick kitty out of the bedroom, I have a friend who has cat allergies and cats, and she took a large comforter and placed it on top of her bed and pillows for her pets to lounge on during the day. She simply peels it back, folds it up, and puts it in the closet before crawling into bed. Using a regular vacuum may help with excess fur around the house, but it may also be kicking allergens up into the air. It has honestly made a difference compared to just vacuuming.

Cat Allergies?, Try this

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